Night Pearl NP-MR groen voorzetkijker met adapter

Night Pearl NP-MR groen voorzetkijker met adapter 

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Night vision attachment Night Pearl NP-MR

The NP-MR (attachement for middle distance), is one of the most advanced night visions for the shooting at a medium distances in its category. MP-MR wins over the competition due to versatility, reliability, functionality and price.

NP-MR will transform riflescope to night-vision scope and offers easy control for the demanding shooter, hunter, soldier or security guard. During the production, we are using only the most advanced night vision technology. NP-MR eliminates the need to take off your daily scope of weapon and replace it with night sight. You can simply attach NP-MR  in front of your riflescope.

NP-MR is adjusted for deviation max. 1 MOA. Because the shooter looks through his riflescope with conventional reticle, which he is used to, he does not have to get used to another one.

NP-MR is recommended to use on the scope of up to 4-5 times magnification and is equipped with locking mounting system so it is possible to attach and detach it to a standard weaver / Picatinny rail for a very short time. Alternatively, it can be mounted on the camera lens by using special adapters.

Warranty 24+24 months.

Easy and fast conversion from daylight to night vision rifle scope
Can be attached to every riflescope without the need of preshooting.
Powered by a single 3V CR123 lithium battery
Quick attachement
Meets military standards
Technical parametrs:




Lens System

F 1:1,65



Exit Pupil


Range of Focus


Battery Life


Operating Temperature

-40°C / +50°C


180mm x 80mm x 80mm