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Swarovski Z6i 1,7-10x42 SR

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Vermogen x diameter lens (mm) 1.7-10x 42 mm
Diameter buis (in. / mm) 30 mm (Swarovski Rail)
Gezichtsveld (ft.@100yds / m@100m) 75.6-12.6 / 25.5-4.2
Gewicht 500 g
Lengte 324 mm
Richtkijker Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10x42

Richtkijker Swarovski Z6i - 2e generatie, met de nieuwste technologie.

Swarovski Z6i zorgen voor meer flexibiliteit, meer precisie en meer veiligheid bij het jagen.

The illuminated Z6i 1.7-10x42  is ideal for hunting. Its slim design makes it the perfect fit for traditional firearms, as well as for still hunting or mountain hunting.


6-voudige zoom
Een groot gezichtsveld
Het dradenkruis wordt gecentreerd in het tweede beeldvlak.
Dioptric compensation
Microstructure grooves for high efficiency baffling prevent residual reflections inside the tube for crystal clear, high-contrast images, even in intense light.
Ultra-precise adjustment turrets and guaranteed shock resistance, even with high calibre firearms.

Quadratic or rectangular range of adjustment for full range of elevation/windage, even in the marginal areas of the adjustment range.
Zero-point adjustment without tools.
Sturdy, lightweight main tube.
Watertight to a depth of 4m. Filled with nitrogen.
Swarilight. Automatic shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor for illuminated reticles. When moving into a shooting position, the illuminated reticle is immediately ready for use.
Handy magnification adjustment ring.
Automatic shut-off function differentiates between day and night mode, prevents the batteries from being discharged unintentionally.
With two memory cells, one each for day and night use. The last brightness level selected is automatically available and appropriately set the next time the unit is switched on. 
Meegeleverde accessoires:

Transparent protective caps
Battery for reticle illumination 
Spare battery holder plus battery
Coin opener